7 reasons men loose interest in women after sleeping with them

You were making love with your pal. You both had a good moment, but he’s not taking your calls now and seems unavailable to meet you.

He has lost interest in you, you know. Why was it happening? Most women may have been through this encounter because, after sleeping with them, they are left to wonder why the guy broke ties with them.

You were soo passionate about that guy and wanted to hang on to him, but after that night, he disappeared.

Here are a few reasons why men, after sleeping with you, lose interest in you:

1) He had never been serious,

The blunt truth may be that, in the first place, he was never serious about you. He got next to you and made you believe that he was in love so that he could sleep with you. The only thing in which he was involved was being acquainted with you. To accomplish what he wanted, he staged everything.

2) He was bewildered

He felt uncertain about his emotions. After that day, that’s why he never got back to you. And when people are in a relationship, often they are not sure whether they are serious about their partner. If they know that it’s getting too late. He later discovered that he was never in love with you and he ran away after he was struck by the revelation.

3)Fear confrontation

Some people lack the boldness to say that they do not wish to be in the relationship anymore. There may be different reasons for deciding to get out of the relationship, but the bottom line is that they do not gather enough confidence to tell their partner the same thing. They do not have the heart to announce that they want to split up with their partner.

4) Something has arisen

In life, we go through some adverse circumstances that cause us to keep all our obligations on the backburner and concentrate on the problem at the moment. We are left with no choice at such times but to let go of everything else that seems important and solve the problem. This creates a distance that may cost us dearly between our loved ones.

5) Cannot reach out

If you’ve just been away from your boyfriend for a while, you should not worry and wait to hear from him. It may be he wants to reach out to you, but because of some problem, he can’t. If it is too logging because he has been gone, you should not get excessively nervous. You need to be patient and wait for him to give you a call. It is very easy to be associated with your loved ones these days. The network can, however, be bad and internet links are not always secure. You have to take these things into account and stop getting concerned about yourself.

6) He discovered someone else,

He loved you, but that’s a thing of the past. He no longer has feelings for you and has fallen for someone else. You need to deal and move on with this reality. Our thoughts are not always in our power and they can make us shift in various directions. You should be satisfied, even though it might seem unreasonable, that he is not confused about his feelings and that he is away from your life.

7) He is commitment phobic

There are a lot of individuals out there who are in relationships but are afraid of interaction. In a partnership, engagement is very important. Also, to live up to the promise you have made, you must be mature enough. If you’re phobic, being in a serious relationship can make you feel suffocated and you’d like to run away.

8) He claims that it was a mistake.

He finds it to be a mistake, even though you enjoy the moments spent with him and do not regret what you did. There may be numerous explanations for him to think it was a mistake, but the truth remains that he regrets doing it. He feels bad about it, and he needs you to stay away.

9) You do not interest him anymore

At first, he was intrigued by you, and that was why he got into a relationship with you. Now, however, he has lost interest in you and wants to look elsewhere for love. If a guy loses interest in you, you can never blame yourself. Do not for someone adjusts yourself. If he doesn’t find you fascinating, then he’s unable to see what a great individual you are.

10. He has moved on

In life, he’s gone on. And it’s time for you to do it, too. If he’s been way too long now, and you’re still waiting for him, then you’re just wasting your time doing nothing. If he has made up his mind and has specifically told you that he is not coming back to you, there is no point in waiting for him. Your life, do not waste it. Go out instead and start searching for people who are going to love you for what you are.If a man, after sleeping with you, loses interest in you, then you should not be disheartened. Girls blame themselves a lot of times and believe like there must be some fault within themselves like caused the guy to lose interest in them.

Have you been a victim as a lady or as a guy for one or two reasons above, what was the reason(s) you left your ex. For others to read, please share your experience in the comment section.

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