7 footballers who don’t drink alcohol



Alcohol consumption is considered something normal by many.

In real life situation, a number of people feel it’s normal to drink alcohol, however there are still few who don’t – even in the world of football.

This list presents 7 well known footballers who don’t drink alcohol.

7. Javier Hernandez

Chicharito was noted to be a man of diet, he doesn’t eat just anything.


Neither has he tasted a drop of alcohol

6. Harry Kane

Harry Kane also makes it to the list of footballers who don’t drink, he once said that he couldn’t remember the last time he went to a club.

He was once asked if he enjoys a beer on holiday, He replied. “Not me, I’m probably not allowed. I’ll just stick to Coke.”

5. Gareth Bale

Bale was said that he didn’t drink alcohol because he doesn’t enjoy the taste.

“I just don’t like the drink, to be honest. It’s not the fact that I choose not to drink alcohol. I just don’t like the taste of it.

I’ve obviously tasted it, but I just don’t like it so it doesn’t do anything for me to be honest. In a way, it probably helps me though”

4. Franck Ribery

In 2006, Franck Robert converted to Islam after getting married to a Moroccan woman.

For the purpose of encouraging French people to stop drinking alcohol, he opened an alcohol-free bar.

3. Yaya Toure

As to celebrate being the Man of The Match, Yaya Toure was offered a bottle of champagne. He refused and said, “Sorry I don’t drink because I’m a Muslim.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano’s father passed away after years of alcohol abuse.

Seeing the havoc alcohol is capable of, he (cristiano) decides to avoid drinking.

1. Mohammed Salah

Being a real Muslim, Mo Salah never drinks. Aside the religious aspect, Salah also cares about his health.

He once said, “Nutrition is so important, it’s part of the game. It has helped with my recovery, allowed me to sleep better and helped my body adapt quickly.”

Source; opera news

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