7 African Countries With Most Expensive Price Of Bread…See Position of Ghana



By Chad Williams

In fact the rise in price of bread is a great cause for concern.

A loaf of fresh white bread weighted 500g costs US$1.14 (R18.26) in Nigeria, the highest price among the selected African countries, according to

In Cape Town: The price of a 500g loaf of white bread is expensive, and it’s the poorest of the poor who are suffering most.

By comparison, the price of a loaf of bread averages $0.91 in South Africa and $0.61 in Egypt.


Below are the seven African countries with the most expensive bread prices, according to Numbeo, the world’s largest cost of living database:

1. Nigeria: $1.34 (R21.46).

2. South Africa: $0.94 in Cape Town, $0.92 in Durban, $0.92 in Johannesburg and $0.88 in Pretoria.

3. Uganda: $1.20.

4. Rwanda, Kigali: $1.02.

5. Zimbabwe, Harare: $0.99.

6. Ghana, Accra: $0.80.

6. Botswana, Gaborone: $0.76.

According to Bloomberg, global wheat prices are so high that African consumers are starting to ditch the grain from their diet.

Food producers in Kenya, Egypt, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria and Cameroon say they are adding cheaper alternatives to their breads, pastries and pastas.


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