65th Independence Anniversary: Musah Superior Sends Great Message To All Ghanaians

Musah Superior writes:

I am filled with great joy to wish all Ghanaians living in Ghana and abroad a very Happy Independence Day! The significance of today is huge as it marks the beginning of the 65th year of our freedom from the tyranny of colonial rule.

Today is a celebration of freedom for us. This was made possible by generations of freedom fighters; some alive, many dead. They made great sacrifices to achieve this important victory. All Ghanaians today breathe under free skies made possible by the heroic deeds of these dedicated Ghanaians. I bow with respect in memory of those brave martyrs.

We suffered great injustices under British rule but the character of our leaders then was indefatigably untiring with a singular objective of making us manage our own affairs.They achieved this in style. The struggle was to return to the Ghanaian ethos; and for the restoration of our dignity.

Looking back at our sixty five year journey, we have reasons to be proud of the considerable distance we have travelled. Today, we elect our government, manage our economy, and are free forever.

I am proud at the steady steps we took in this important journey. The Ghanaian miracle is being watched closely by the world. We must demonstrate consistently to the world that we are really capable of managing our own affairs. We have so far proven our capacity to look after ourselves.

May the Good Lord bless our country and make us great, strong and united.

Hearty congratulations to all of us.

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