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5 Reasons Why Your Gas Doesn’t Last Long



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The gas cooker is one of the commonest kitchen mechanical slaves in our homes these days.

While it is neater and saves more cost, it is also dangerous if proper care is not taken.

Sometimes, you might notice that your gas cylinder which lasts up to 3 weeks or more (depending on the size of the kilograms) no longer lasts as much as it used to.

Here are some of the possible reasons;


1. Leakages:

Like every appliance, your gas requires much maintenance.

Routine checks on the gas cylinder’s regulator, the pipe and the burner to ensure gas is not escaping through the openings is advised.

This should be done whenever the cooker is turned off.

All you have to do is place your ears close to these places. If you discover that it is leaking, take it to a gas depot immediately, or call a home technician to have a look at it.

2. Not cooking with blue flames:

As you might have observed, the best flame to use in cooking is the one with blue colour.

It does not burn your food, neither does it stain your pot.

Above all these, it does not waste your gas.

When you notice your gas is not producing the blue flames, maybe it is yellow or orange, clean out the burner.

It may be suffocated with soot stain or grease, or particles from food cooked with it.

3. Cooking with pot stained black:

This situation reduces the heat conductivity of the pot, burning much cooking gas to get your food properly cooked.

Try to rid the bottom of your pots of every black stains, so they will not waste your gas.

4. Using the wrong burner for a pot:

When you put a big pot on a small burner, or you put a small pot on a big burner, it is likely to consume more gas than necessary.

Always try to use medium size pots, or if you must use big pots, use the right burners, to avoid wastage.

5. Cooking with high flames:

To you, this will make your food cook faster. However, what you do not know is that, it will waste your gas, and soon, you might have to fill it up again.

Just keep the flame moderate while cooking, and, preferably, blue.

Thank you for your time. I hope I didn’t waste your data.

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