5 Powerful Bible Verses That Can Cure Any Sickness Miraculously…Witches Fear Number 2



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In fact the Bible’s Old and New Testaments both offer great proof that God has the power to heal our physical bodies.

People can still occasionally be miraculously healed in modern times.

Apply the Bible verses below to express your grief to God and find solace.

Thanks to God’s omnipotent grace, you will recover.


1. “O Lord, I only give thanks to you; please heal me, and I will be healed; please save me, and I will be saved. Jeremiah (17:14)

2. “Does anyone feel sick in this room? Call the church and request that the elders pray for them and anoint them with oil in the Lord’s name. The sick person will be healed by the prayers of the righteous, and the Lord will give them strength to stand. People who have sinned will be pardoned. James 5:14-15

3. “Because I am the LORD who heals you, if you pay close attention to the LORD your God, do what is right in his eyes, heed his commands, and obey all of his laws, I won’t inflict any of the diseases I inflicted upon the Egyptians upon you”. The Bible’s Exodus 15:26.

4.”Your God, the LORD, will favor your provision of food and drink if you worship him. There won’t be any more among you because I will be the one to slay the disease”. The verse Exodus 23:25 was used.

5. Verse five says, “”Fear not, for I the Lord your God am with you; for I am your God.” I will be your ally and support you with my righteous hand”. Biblical verse Isaiah 41:10.

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