5 Mistakes Women Make That Destroy Their Marriage, Number 1 Is Deadly

Welcome home my dear friend.

Please be informed that certain actions and inactions put up by women can trigger the collapse of marriage.

In this post, will enlighten you on 15 things that has collapsed the marriage of many women.

Here we go;

1) Daring Your Husband to Beat You:

A lot of women have lost their lives or are nursing serious and permanent wounds because of this bad mindset of daring their husbands to beat them.

Their partner becomes deeply frustrated due to the tongue lashing that usually precedes this unholy appeal.

Some ladies or women even lock the door and lock the man by the neck, most of the time; these women have ended up regretting their deeds.

2) Daring Your Husband to Sleep With Another Woman:

This is serious!

Generally speaking, human beings do not want to be daring, and if you dare to let your husband sleep with another lady, you are going to be doing a great disservice to yourself.

For your information, he is only going to do it to see your answer, and only God knows what is going to happen after that.

3) Neglecting Your Body and Looks After Marriage:

If you are one of those ladies or women who think they have to dress anyway because they are married now, they do not have to pretend to look good anymore, please quickly hop down from this table because I am about to break it down.

4) Consistently denying your husband sex:

This attitude is very rude.

Eiiiiiiiish!! So you are a business lady or an extremely religious lady … Hmmm!-Hmmm! You assume that marital sex is secondary, your husband needs to plead before he owns his ownership properly, you always refuse your body to your husband, because he is physically starved.

After all, there is no room to find love in your union.

In the meantime, his secretary, colleagues, and girls of the church are alluring to come to them, but the rightful owner has seriously padlocked your beloved Jerusalem and you believe him not to desire after anybody.

Definitely his mind is going to wander from you towards them, and not falling for him would be very difficult because sex is very important to men, so be careful.

5) Permitting Your Friends to Cater to Your Husband:

“Please help me take care of my husband, my dear friend, and help me take care of my husband and my children while I am gone for a week on this business trip.”


My girlfriend, this is a very risky game to play because there is no certainty that you will always have a husband by the time you get back.

Avoid the above mistakes quickly.

Thank you very much.

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