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5 Dangerous Things You Should Never Do Near Your Gas Cylinder



5 Dangerous Things You Should Never Do Near Your Gas Cylinder

Let’s all have in mind that gas cylinders are delicate home appliances and because of that users should exercise great caution when it is in use.

Using it requires a reasonable level of caution.

Furthermore, it is significant for us to know what not to do whenever we are near about our gas cylinder at the time we are using it for cooking in order to avoid a huge explosion or a serious accident at home.

Below are what not to do;


1. Avoid phone calls when cooking:

Receiving phone calls in your kitchen while cooking is almost the same as receiving phone calls at a patrol station.

This act can start a fire and cause a gas explosion.

Also, if you are using your phone’s flashlight to cook at night, make sure the phone is in Airflight mode to avoid a fire.

2. Avoid using hand sanitizers near your cooking gas:

Because of the coronavirus, almost all homes are filled with different types of alcohol based hand sanitizers.

Therefore, when cooking with your gas cylinders, avoid using hand sanitizer as it contains strong ethyl alcohol which is highly flammable and can trigger a fire that can burn your hands and body.

3. Avoid keeping your plastic rubbers and cooking oil sprays near your cooking gas burner:

This equipment can melt or cause a fire stop if proper measures are not taken.

It is highly necessary to keep it away from your cooking gas bottles.

4. Never smoke near your cooking gas cylinder:

This can cause a serious fire.

Research indicates that a lot of gas vapors can be in the air without our knowing it.

Therefore, smoking near your cooking gas can lead to a fatal household accident.

5. Do not close your windows and doors when using your gas
To prevent overheating and tension which could lead to a gas exploding, it is very essential to cook in a ventilated room or kitchen.

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