5 Body Shapes That Show A Lady Is Promiscuous…Those With Pimples Are Dangerous



5 Body shapes that proved a woman is Promiscuous.

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Promiscuous is a word that is always used when talking about women; it is most often pejorative.

It refers to a woman especially a young woman who sleep around with men very often and casually.


This character is most times considered by the people who label it “promiscuous” as reprehensible and evidence of an emotional failing of some sort.

Below are four physical or body shapes to prove a woman is promiscuous.

1. Women with Wide Hip:

Women with wide hips have more sexual partners.

According to a research, women with wider hips — have more sexual partners than women with narrow hips, but also had more one-night stands and hookups in their past. However, child birth is less dangerous for wide hip women as compared to those with narrow hips.

Hip don’t lie: The conclusions are a strike back against the “sexist” theory that a woman’s hip-to-waist ratio determines her sexual attitude, simply because men find the small waist and curvy hips very attractive to them.

2. Women with Big Backside:

Women with unusual Large Back side tend to see men more often than the ones with normal or small backside.

Majority of them were disvirgin at their tender age. Early engagement in sleeping around with different guys especially the ones older than them. This category of ladies are not the chubby types, and can be very difficult to satisfy on bed.

3. The Hollow-Way:

This category of women usually have gap between their thighs which I referred to as “Hollow-Way”, you will see it especially when they’re putting on trouser. This is also a sign she’s getting laid very often.

4. Women with Pimples:

Well many might not agree to this, but there is elements of truth in it. women (especially younger ones) who have alot of pimples on their face have two or more men they’re having affair with.

The Pimples shows up on their faces as a result of not using protection on every occasion.

5. Women with Big Breast:

In most cases, women with larger breasts have twice as much intimacy than women with smaller breast.

There is a direct proportion between breast size and sexual activity, which is why some have it more often than Others.

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