5 Benefits Of Dating A Ghanaian Journalist

Did you know that it is highly advantageous to date a journalist?

Oh yes it is true!

The profession called journalism is a broad realm of work, and it comes with many advantages.

In fact having a boyfriend or a girlfriend who is a journalist can expose you to diverse experiences.

Provided below are plenty of benefits you will stand to gain if you date a journalist.

1. Journalists Are Smart:

The reason for dating a journalist is similar to why you should date an architect.

Journalists are very smart.

Everyone who becomes journalist have a certain level of intelligence that is very admirable.

They are brilliant, smart, and have interesting minds.

If you are a smart person yourself, you would want a smart partner in return.

As we always say, “smart is sexy”.

On some occasions smart people are shy too.

2. They Are The Most Update Of Information:

Being someone who works with news, your journalist boyfriend or girlfriend must stay alert on every update.

It is no wonder that journalists are among the first to know when something news-worthy happens.

This can come handy for you. You will know who to ask when there is something you would like to know but it is not on the news yet.

3. Insider Secret:

Your other half can also provide you with underground tips which only journalists know.

A journalist often investigates. He or she may be privy to certain information which the public are not even aware of or do not know yet.

He might give you a tip that a musician you are a great fan of is in town, specifically, in a certain hotel. In fact this could be very amazing.

4. She Knows Someone, Someplace, And Something:

The information provided by your journalists’ beau knows no bound.

As matter of truth you will get tips on who to meet and where.

He knows places like restaurants and bars because he happened to review them in the past.

He or she knows how to get a ticket to a fashion show or a concert because she covered the event.

He is a good friend with celebrities because he interviews them a lot, and many more.

5. You Can Never Be bored:

Hahahaha. It is never boring to date a journalist.

You guys will have so many things to discuss in a date.

He is been in the war zone, for example.

You can listen to his story about how the war was going and how was his experience there. It’s like watching a movie, but it is a real event and you listen to real witness.

Thank you very much for your time. I trust I did not waste your data.

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