4 types of women you should marry if you want to be successful in life

Marriage is a union between two people who have agreed to stay together and go through the processes to be called husband and wife.

At least, this gives explanation on the institution of marriage to some extent.

Before marriage can be very successful, the two individuals involved have to reach an agreement that they want to be together.

Unlike in some societies where people are forced to marry those they don’t even love, people are free in most modern societies to make their own choices of life partners.

People are very selective when it comes to marriage because it is a long lasting affair. As a matter of fact some people are so choosy that the society begin to frown on their habits.

Women in particular have some checklists containing the characteristics of the men they want to marry.

In the Ghanaian society, it is always the men who take the initiative to propose love or marriage to the women. It is an age old tradition which nobody is willing to change. It is very strange to people to hear that a woman proposed to a man. In fact, it sounds awkward to the older generation in the society. A woman who went out of her way to approach a man with matters of the heart(love) is considered wayward, spoilt, irresponsible, promiscuous or desperate. The society has eyes on all women. A woman can encourage a man to develop interest in her. But carefully scheming to land a man is quite ‘tasteless’ to the society especially, the older generation. It wasn’t like that in their prime so they want the same trend to go on uninterrupted.

But the new generation is are too smart to comply with such a tradition. Some ladies in the contemporary society can go to any length to show that they are interested in a man. Some of them practically ‘donate’ themselves to the men they love. But such relationships mostly never see daylight. When it come to marriage, the men have the final say. This is because it is the men who will pay for all the marriage proceedings. Apart from procreation which is a very important reason why people marry, a man needs a woman to help him succeed in life.

Some men who were successful before marriage are now reduced to paupers because of the women they have married. Some men too, became very successful because of the women they have married. This confirms the popular saying “Behind every successful man, there is a woman and behind every unsuccessful man, there is a woman”. But this is not always so. Some men are successful without women. Some men too are very unsuccessful without women. Such men cannot blame their failures on women. Maybe they at least can blame it on “family curses” as many of their counterparts do. It is very prudent that men choose women who can help them to thrive in all their(men) endeavours in life. Which type of women should men marry if they want to be successful in life? Below are some types of women every man have to marry in order to be successful in life.

1. As man, you have to marry a woman who is industrious.

Some women are very hardworking. Even as they are unmarried, they never depend on men for survival. They go about their economic activities in order to fend for themselves. Some of these women normally stay with their mothers and help them in doing business. Such are the women you should select as wife. If you marry a woman who is hardworking, she will assist you in your economic activities. Even if she cannot do your kind of work, she will give you wonderful ideas to work with. There are some ladies who are not productive at all! They only spend the whole day ‘painting’ their faces, brushing their hairs and working on their nails. If you dare marry any of such women in the name of beauty, you’re doomed. If you setup a business for her, she will spend the initial capital and the interest on hairs and paints to decorate herself. Make sure you marry a woman who loves working and you shall become successful.

2. Another type of woman who can help you become successful in a woman who is loving.

Love is the driving force in every marriage. Without love, the marriage will go down the drain within a short period of time. When you marry a woman who is loving, you will have inner peace to go about your work. Such a woman will make you feel positive always. Even in the face of failure, she will encourage, give you hope and motivation. If you make the mistake to marry a ‘fair weather’ woman, you will live to regret. Such women love their husbands when there is money to spend. But immediately there is a little financial storm, they are something else. It means their love is conditional; when the factors which are keeping their love for the men get extinguished, such women withdraw their love. That is the time they give their husbands real hell on earth.

3. Marry a woman who is submissive if only you want to be successful.

It is not her submissiveness which will make you successful automatically. A woman who complies with your ideas and rules will make you have the inner peace to concentrate on your work. Many men cannot work because they do not have the peace they want. Some of such men become unproductive in their workplaces which attract the attention of their superiors. It is a fact that men who marry nagging women never make any headway in life. At least, I have some examples at my disposal. Few men who married nagging women are always in the drinking bar to drink themselves to stupor. A woman who always makes a fuss about the least thing is never easy to contend with. If you don’t want to concentrate on beer bottles instead of your work, then marry a woman who is humble and calm.

4. Marry a godly woman if only you want to be successful in life.

Some women are very good. In fact they have no history of misconduct or any irresponsible lifestyles in the society. Such women normally acquire the respect of their families and society as a whole. Such women know how to relate with the opposite sex. Those are the women who make good wives. Marry a woman who never gave in to your wooing easily. If you marry a woman who almost readily offered herself to you, she can become promiscuous when you are not around. Some individuals marry some types of women because think(men) think those women are very good in bed. They rush to marry such women. They later realise that they have actually married promiscuous women. Those men later concentrate on dealing with marital infidelity than their works. How can such men become successful in life? Never! A woman who is morally corrupt will make you forget success completely.

Make the right decision. Some women only destroys the future of the men they marry. If you want to be successful, make a good choice. Never marry because of beauty. Does beauty pay bills? Will beauty buy anything in the market? Marry because of love and other virtues in a woman. If you continue chasing painted faces, you will compromise your bright future. But never be too selective as these women are not easy to get. You can also make a woman what you want her to be. Trying will make you find someone desirable as well. Share this article to educate and advise others

Source; Opera News

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