4 Signs That Show You Are Gradually Becoming Blind



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A number of people might develop issues with their eyes, and their eyes might start giving signals when it is going bad.

Blindness is when the eyes cannot be used to see.

A lot of people would say that the worst disease in this life, is not being able to see anything around you.

There are scores of people who can see a little, while some people cannot see at all.


The eyes is very sensitive and it can stop working due some reasons. When your sight is gone, visiting the hospital for treatment can help bring back your vision to normalcy.

It is not good to waste time, hoping your sight will restore by itself.

In this article, we will look at four signs, that may show that you might be gradually going blind. They are provided below;

1. When you are having a cloudy vision:

This is an eye condition that causes you not to see things cleary.

It will make every object appear milky, and make you feel as if you are looking through an unclean glass. When this occurs, then you are having issues with your eyes. If it is left unchecked, it can lead to more serious problems.

2. When you cannot see shapes:

You might find it very difficult identifying things, because of poor eye sight. When this happens, it means the person is gradually becoming blind.

3. When you can only see shadows:

Seeing shadows in your vision suggests that your sight is partially obstructed by dark objects, moving around the vision field. When this occurs, you will start seeing shadows.

4. Having poor night vision:

This is the inability to see properly during night. Sometimes, this is caused by exposing your eyes to excess sunlight. Sometimes when you change from a bright environment to a dark environment, your eyes might take time to adapt. If nothing is done about it, you might become blind.

Here are things that can cause blindness;

There are certain things that can cause blindness, and they include the following:

1. Glaucoma

This is an eye disease that destroys your eye’s optic nerves, which connects to the brain. With time, the eyes gradually becomes blind if nothing is done about it.

2. Macular degeneration

This is an eye disease that destroys the part of the eyes, that enables you to see details.

The part of the retina called macula gets damaged, and with time the person can get blind.

3. Cataracts

This refers to the lens of the eyes becoming cloudy. This can cause cloudy vision, and the person won’t be able to see properly. If this continues, the person might go blind.

4. Optic neuritis

This eye disease causes swelling that damages the optic nerves. The optic nerve that carries visual message from the eye to the brain, becomes damaged. This disease can cause blindness.

It is very important to visit the hospital, when you notice changes in the way you see. Do not wait for it to go by itself, because you might totally lose your sight.

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