4 Reasons Why Women Hate Condoms These Days

Please be informed that condom makes sexual intercourse less intimate.

Though using it is part of precautionary measures, women do not experience much pleasure when it is in used.

They see condom as a great hindrance.

Below are some other reasons;

1. Blowjobs are really not good when condoms are on:

Women confess that they prefer blowjobs without condom because the condom kills the pleasure.

2. Condoms make women’s vagina dry up within few minutes.

3. Condoms have unpleasing pungent smell:

4. Fear of infections from condoms:

Although condoms are prescribed to reduce the spread of infections. Ironically, the latex allergies which are the strongest deterrent against Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) cause women to end up with yeast infections and more.

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