300 infections that guava leaf can cure including others you did not know



Guava is a very wonderful plant. Known for its popular fruit, this amazing tree can cure up to 300 sicknesses contained in the body.

It’s good to know that, the succulent fleshy fruit of guava contains the seeds around which the food is attached, the fruit can be eaten whole which aids in digestion and prevent some simple but disturbing sicknesses.

The whole of this wonderful plant is medicinal and for that matter the leaves which can be dried and boiled as tea at least four times in a week.

Here are some common and dangerous ailments that guava leaf tea can cure if taken serious;



Guava leaf extract has anti-inflammatory properties thanks to its high flavonoid content. Inflammation is at the core of most illnesses, particularly chronic diseases. In fact, Guava leaves are full of anti-inflammatory attributes that have been shown to relieve arthritis pain. Crush fresh guava leaves into a paste and apply to the swelling joints to reduce the swelling. Several published papers came to the same conclusion – guava leaf extract is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent and helps with arthritis and gout.


Taking guava leaf tea helps regulate cholesterol levels which in turn minimize palpitation effects. Furthermore, the leaves tea hinder an enzyme responsible for the onset of atherogenesis (fatty deposits and degeneration of arteries).


Again taking guava leaf tea helps minimize cancerous effect in our system. Each leaf contains lycopene and flavonoid which are most common compounds used in combating carcinoma cell lines found especially in the breast (breast cancer), prostate (prostate cancer and enlargement) and oral (throat cancer), there are few others such as the intestinal cancer and many others and taking this tea is very essential for it’s treatment.



The regular drinking of Guava Leaf Tea twice a day after meals helps pre-diabetic and diabetic patients. With it’s anti diabetic properties, it hinders the absorption of the two types of sugar, maltose and sucrose into the blood stream thus lowering blood glucose level respectively.


Proceeding, guava leaf tea relieves pain in general, but it is particularly useful in dysmenorrhea, which is menstrual pain surprised. Just take deconcotion this once a day with a small disposable cup.


Skin Health

Guava leaves are helpful against specific bacteria causing acne. The leaves also alleviate itching. In addition, they are beneficial in enhancing the quality of the skin such as wrinkles. Another guava leaves use in skin problems includes treatments of blemishes such as dark and red spots on your face. And as mentioned earlier, it is even helpful in conditions like eczema.

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Oral Health

Herbalists around the world recommend the use of guava leaves paste to maintain good oral hygiene. They exhibit anti-plaque properties and are effective in preventing and healing oral problems.

Hair Health

Guava leaves are a popular natural remedy for Hair Loss. Guava leaf is a hair thickening component that supports fast hair growth due to its rich vitamin components.


Guava leaf tea presents strong anti-viral activities which fights cold and flu while the bark of guava contains anti-bacterial which means sickness such as cholera etc.

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