3 Things That No Lawyer In Ghana Will Tell



Do you know that hiring the service of a lawyer or getting involved in a lawsuit is highly stressful, especially if you actually find out that there are some things your lawyer is not disclosing to you?

There are litany reasons why people seek legal help.

It can sometimes be an uphill task for people who are unable to hire a private lawyer to actually know what they are supposed to know.

It is a well known fact that you must always comply to whatever your lawyer wants you to do in relation to your case at hand, but how would you know if your lawyer is hiding something?

In this very article, this medium will be schooling you on some of the most common things your lawyer does not want you to know.


To frank with you, some of them might shock you.

The Assistance Of A Lawyer Is Not Always Needed

Sometimes, the only thing you need is just legal advice and not necessarily a private lawyer.

For example, if you received a letter and you do not understand what it actually says, all you have to do is to go to a public attorney and ask them to explain what it says.


As a matter of reality, a surgeon would never tell a new patient that most of his or her patients died under his or her care, also, an engineer would not tell a new client that most of his or her buildings collapsed.

The same thing applies to lawyers.

They may inform you on how many cases they have won, but it is your job to actually have the nerve to ask how many they have lost, since you will be paying him or her to defend you, and you would not want to lose your case just because you hired a bad or half-baked lawyer.


In general lawyers would not inform their clients that there are times that it is not really ideal to sue.

Lawsuits can be highly expensive, time-consuming and at the same time exhausting
This is not just for the attorneys but also for the clients.

If there are issues that can be settled simply by having proper communication or dialogue, then a lawsuit is not necessary. Let the truth be told.

You could simply seek for legal advice, which can even be free if you go to a public attorney.


Please be informed that a law firm is basically a business, if you are going to hire a private lawyer, he or she will most likely be a part of a law firm.

There will be standard fees to pay, however, one of the most common things lawyers hide from their clients is that some of these fees are actually negotiable and more flexible than you thought, though this depends on the firm or the attorney, it is all about business after all.

Some of their fees that can be negotiable are their hourly rate, costs of faxes, phone calls, etc.

A lawyer’s job is not easy at all, that is why there will be times that your lawyer will not be able to share every detail with you, especially if it does not directly involve you or your case.

You must always think thoroughly when it comes to filing a lawsuit because it takes so much time and effort, and of course so much money.

Thank you very much for reading this article.

Source; Opera News

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