3 Wicked Strategies Landlords Use To Eject Tenants From Their House…Too Bad



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As a tenant, whenever your house owner is ready to eject you from his apartment after the expiration of a quit notice served on you, there is almost nothing you can do about it, no matter how difficult or connected you are.

Your house owner can eject you anytime for several reasons and despite these justifiable reasons.

For your information, despite all the reasons, tenant is always willing to leave an apartment considering the stress of packing and its financial implication except such a tenant has already made up his mind to leave.

But in a situation where tenants apears to be too difficult for landlord to handle or try to buy time after the expiration of rent and quit notice, there are 3 strategies landlords usually apply to force stubborn tenants out of their house.


Provided below are the strategies;

1. The first strategy is the disconnection of water supply to the tenant’s apartment.

While the tenant is away from home, the landlord may come into the compound with any available plumber to disconnect the water channel that goes into the tenant’s apartment.

Some landlords even go to the extent of removing a pumping machine in case the tenant tries to reconnect the already disconnected water.

Once there is no water into your apartment and knowing that your landlord is behind the disconnection, the reality of the difference between a landlord and tenant will begin to set in for you.

2. The 2nd way is the disconnection of light.

Always remember that you did not bring an electric wire to the house when you were moving in.

The wire is still the property of your landlord including the meter you are using.

If your landlord disconnects the electric wire from the pole or asks ECG official to remove the meter, he is right.

Once you are thrown into the dark while there is light everywhere, frustration will automatically set-in and you will be forced to leave the apartment.

3. Thirdly, there are cases where a landlord removes the entrance gate to the compound and nothing will happen.

Your landlord can decide to call a welder to pull down his gate and take it away from the place on the excuse that he needs to fix it.

This usually happens when the landlord does not reside in the same compound and you are the only one there.

No matter how tough you are, once you and your family are exposed to insecurity, you will be forced to pack out of the apartment.

Remember that any step you intend to take against any of these decisions still involves money which you will need to cough out from you pocket.

And after you must have spent money to fight your landlord, you will still need to vacate the apartment after the expiration of possible extension that may be given to you.

As a tenant, when you are confronted with these kinds of situation, you need to act smart.

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