3 Signs You Are Amazing In Bed

Welcome home my great friend.

Wether you are aware of it or not, you do not need to twist your body into complicated positions or moan like a porn star to be great in bed.

As a matter of truth, the key to amazing sex is actually much easier to achieve than most modern-day media depictions of sex would have you believe.

When it comes to signs you are great in bed, it has way more to do with your attitude and how you interact with your partner than your physical technique or skill level.

So long as you are behaving genuinely and are communicating openly, your partner will be into it too.
Talking about what you want in bed shows self-assurance, which is far sexier (and likely harder to come by) than being able to put your legs above your head. The more comfortable you are in your own skin, the hotter your partner will find you. It’s normal to be a little self-conscious about your body or your performance from time to time, but learning to love your imperfections is the only way to build confidence.

Your partner already knows you are great in bed, so it is time for you to know, too.

As a top up to being yourself, here are three other sure signs you’re awesome in bed.

1. You are not afraid to make a little noise.

I am not referring to forced dirty talk or fake moans here.

The hottest thing you can verbalize in the bedroom is what you want. If your partner does something that feels amazing, let them know.

A phrase as simple as “this feels nice” or “keep doing that” gives them validation and encourages open communication in bed.

It will definitely turn the other person on to know that you’re enjoying yourself.

Plus, they can file that successful move away for future use. And if reacting to what you like is sexy, it’s even sexier to go ahead and ask for what you want.

It is OK to mention what you are not so into as well. If you feel uncomfortable in a position or you are just not feeling much at all, speak up. I guarantee that your partner would rather change things up in the moment than find out afterwards that you didn’t have as good a time as you led them to believe.

2. You are surprisingly flexible:

In this case, flexibility in bed means making suggestions, being open to trying new things, and not getting discouraged or embarrassed if a move or fantasy doesn’t work out exactly the way you expected it to. Sex is never as flawless as it looks in the movies. In real life, weird stuff happens. You have to learn to just go with it.

Unexpected noises, accidentally elbowing your partner, or bumping your head on the wall are not exactly sexy, but they are inevitable parts of hooking up. Sometimes, laughing it off is the only way to deal. Believe it or not, sharing these awkward experiences in bed will only bring you and your partner closer together.

3. You know how to set the mood:

In addition to holding your own in bed, it is important to make your partner feel comfortable being with you. No matter what they look like or how confident they act, your partner probably has their own set of insecurities.

The fact that you can put them at ease — whether it is by encouraging them to communicate with you, clearly giving consent and initiating a discussion about safe sex, or telling them how great they make you feel — is one of the most desirable traits of all. Setting the mood with scented candles and a sensual playlist is one thing. Making your partner feel at home simply being with you is another entirely.

Being great in bed is not just about acting a certain way. The most impressive way to perform in the bedroom is to just be yourself.

Talking honestly with your partner, accepting and moving on from any imperfect moments, and establishing a safe environment where you can both enjoy yourselves are all signs that you are amazing in bed.

Thank you so much.

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