3 signs that indicate he will never marry you



Not every relationship leads to a marriage.

Even though people in relationship always hope that somehow in some way it may lead into marriage.

People get into relationship for various reasons.

Some get into it just to pass time, to have fun, others are there to explore the world of love and sex.

Others too get into relationship with hopes of getting married and because of that they invest whole heartedly.


Those two types of people getting into a relationships with different agendum leads to heartbreaks. Those who invest more in a partner who is there for the purpose of exploration get hurt and disappointed.

They even end up cursing ever being in relationship again or start generalising all men to be the same out of frustration. Doing so only hurts the agrieved party.

There will always be a clown in a relationship with us, but we should not allow them to ruin our lives in regard to our future.

Ladies, all men are not the same, but beware of these type of men am about to tell you.

Let me share with you the three signs when the man you are busy dating shows them to you. You better run away. Don’t fall for time passers and explorers

1. You are always the one checking on them. You initiate every form of communication between you; calling, texting, suggesting date out etc.

For heaven’s sake, he should be doing all these things, why should you. This man will never change, that is how he will be when you happen to marry one another. He doesn’t love you, he is the for other reasons. You will be getting yourself into a life time trap. Weigh your options before it is too late.

2. He doesn’t want to be associated with your relationship. What do I mean by these, he is a guy when with other people he feels not okay introducing himself as your boyfriend. He use terms like, “we are just friends”. What the hell. If he doesn’t take pride in your relationship, he doesn’t take pride in you too. Now you know.

3. When he looks for you, it is about sex. That should tell you, you are just a place for him to relieve himself, you mean nothing to him but an object for us. Time will come he will go, you will be left there hurting, be sure before you commit.

Watch out, don’t blindly waste your life in the name of love. Marriage is about willingness to make things work, not feelings without purpose. You only get to have purposely when you agenda for the relationship match, if not you have no business being there unless you are the explorer.

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