3 serious mistakes you should never make in life as a young man

Everybody wants good future for himself or herself.

It is the most reasonable thing to do as a sane human being. A person without thoughts for the future is as good as dead person.

There are numerous ways to prepare for one’s future.

Young people especially, are supposed to make the rights decisions in life. As you prepare for your future, never make the following mistakes.

1. Never waste your time achieving virtually nothing. A brighter tomorrow is only achieved by hardwork. You cannot be seeking for success without applying your knowledge, skills and energy to it. When you are supposed to work, do so. Never be selective as to what work to do in order to make a living. You have to work after all. So if you are not content with one job, accept it while looking for your dream one.

2. Never spend your precious time with the wrong woman or man. Every person will naturally feel attracted to the opposite sex. You will naturally fall in love with a man or a woman.

Unless you decide to remain celibate for religious or whatever reason. If you want to enter a relationship, make sure you find the right person. If you make the mistake of marrying the wrong partner, you are doomed! Since you can see and feel what others are going through in their relationships, we will not delve into that subject much

3. Never make the mistake of reading a particular course because other people are also studying that course. People go to the tertiary institutions to read courses which are very useless in the job market.

Do not make the mistake of reading a course out of prestige. The reason why there are many jobless people in the society is that most of them only studied courses which cannot help them secure jobs. Only a few people find it difficult to find jobs with the right certificates because of the scarcity of jobs.

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