3 reasons why no country would dare go to war with Israel



Israel is a Middle Eastern nation that has one of the largest military forces in the whole world.

The country is a close supporter of the United States of America. Within its comparatively limited territory, the nation includes geographically diverse characteristics.

The economic and technical hub of Israel is Tel Aviv, while Jerusalem is its seat of government and the declared capital, while acceptance of the jurisdiction of the state over Jerusalem is very minimal.

Here are three reasons why no country on this planet is going to dare go to war with Israel.

1. Mossad


Mossad is Israel’s national intelligence service.

The Mossad is Israel’s first line of security and it is in charge of counter-terrorism and classified activities.

Compared to the government and the military, Mossad is exempt from the fundamental laws of Israel. It is the inner system and secret ways of working.

This is the manager who is just talking to the Prime Minister. Mossad is one of the top security agencies in the world, and over the years its operations have guaranteed that Israel’s competitors distrust it.

The Department is considered to have infiltrated Israel’s rivals widely and has very well trained high-level human capital to provide critical intelligence.

Mossad work in conjunction with Israel’s special forces, such as Sayer, Macau, etc., and has been very effective in neutralizing a range of threats.

2. Israeli Airforce ( IAF)

Operation Focus was carried out within three hours by the Israeli Air Force on the morning of June 5, 1967, the first day of the Six-Day Conflict.

The action disrupted the rival Arab Air Force for the duration of the war and ended in air supremacy being achieved by Israel. In an extremely planned surprise attack, the Israeli Air Force killed half of the Egyptian Air Force while the aircraft was still interested in the planet. By the end of the day, the Israeli Air Force has both defeated the Syrian and Jordanian Air Forces, striking as far as Iraq. Within only six days, Israel destroyed 452 Arab planes, 49 of which were aerial victories. Victory in terms of strategy is now considered one of the best successes in modern history. This marked the occupation of the area by the Israeli Air Force.

3. America’s Support

America’s assistance for Israel, including billions of dollars in assistance and strategic support by international forums, is very immense.

The reason for this assistance involves America’s cultural connection to an embattled government and the public interest in combating ‘jihadism.’ Military cooperation ranges from growth defense networks to sharing information. Within Israel, the U.S. retains over $300 million in military supplies, although the supplies is owned by the U.S. and is for use in the Middle East by U.S. troops, because if there is a war situation, Israel can use it. If there is some external danger to Israel, it will be safe to expect that America will totally support Israel, including not only diplomatic support, but military intervention.

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