3 Reasons Why It Is Dangerous To Date A Nurse

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For your information there are so many disadvantages when talking of dating a nurse.

One factor to consider is their schedules.

For nurses who do not work in a 9-5 setting, and even those who do, it does not mean that there will not be overtime.

Some overtime is one thing, but in other areas there are nursing shortages and because of that hospitals ask nurses to work more.

In fact Overtime and long hours at work, can shipwreck a relationship with a nurse.

While there are many benefits to having a flexible schedule with more than two days off each week, nurses do not get holidays off at all.

They can be called into work anytime there is an emergency or whenever the hospital is short staffed.

Please be informed that if you are looking for someone who will be around a lot, then dating a nurse will be very problematic.

2. Sleep Trumps Sex:

A number of nurses who work long hours enjoy catching up on their sleep.

It makes sense given the pressure they are under at work.

When you are feeling very amorous, please be forewarned that a nurse might be feeling very sleepy.

And sleep trumps sex.

As a matter of fact, a nurse might opt for a quiet night in as opposed to a night on the town when they are feeling worn out.

This can be challenging for a relationship when one half of the couple is ready to go out and the other one does not want to go anywhere.

3. Workplace Romance:

While Grey’s Anatomy is nothing like the reality of working in a hospital, it is not to say that workplace romances and hookups do not happen.

If it happens that your nurse partner is finding your relationship lacking, it is possible that he or she might hook up with someone at the workplace.

Sex is a form of stress relief and nurses encounter stressful situations on many occasions.

It is not uncommon for hookups to happen in hospitals among staff members during those long shifts and if you are someone who worries about infidelity this could be a big “wahala” for you.

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