3 most dangerous books Christians should stop reading



No doubt, knowledge they say is power; and anybody who has knowledge can easily rule within their jurisdiction of influence.

However, there are certain kinds of knowledge that can be a great source of harm to many individuals; and can cause a lot of problems for such people.

One of the category of people who are prone to such kind of knowledge are Christians.

As a matter of truth, a good christian is a good reader, and will always be on the search; for more knowledge concerning his or her faith in God.

However, not every kind of knowledge is good for you, as there are some types of knowledge that can become problems in the lives of many.


Hence, this article has been written to point out certain forms of knowledge that some Christians wish to seek but are very harmful if one should acquire them.

A lot of beliefs and mindsets of many Christians are already corrupted, due to the kind of knowledge they received from several sources.

This is why I have listed out three dangerous books that Christians should stop reading.

These books may seem harmless to some Christians, but they are very dangerous; and can cause problems to their readers.

1) 48 Laws Of Power:

It is very surprising that a lot of christian organizations use the 48 Laws of power to run their firms and set-ups. You may argue that there is nothing wrong with this book, but a lot of the principles stated in this book are contrary to the Bible.

Hence, one must be careful as a Christian and avoid reading this book, in order to prevent your faith in God from been corrupted.

2) The Law of Karma:

It is unfortunate to still see Christians who believe in karma. We know that christianity is not morality, and believing in karma is not a good thing.

As a child of God, you should belief in your Bible and filter every other idealogy from that standpoint. Hence, regardless of how moral karma may sound, the Bible is the main standard for a Christian.

3) The Seventh Book Of Moses:

The reports of another book written by Moses that was not added in the bible, is still believed by many christians. This is very wrong, because if such book was needful; it will be recommended by the Bible.

Hence, a do your best to avoid reading such book as it is usually used for witchcraft and other fetish practices.

Thank you very much for reading this article.

What are your opinions about this article? Do you feel these books are still good for Christians?

Let’s hear your opinions in the comments section.

Source; Opera News

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