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24 ways to stay out of trouble in Ghana



There is nobody who will wake up each morning as a Ghanaian and hope to involve himself or herself in trouble.

No sensible person will ever pray to involve him or herself in any problem or condition that will cause him pain.

These are the Major tips that will help you to stay out from trouble in Ghana.

These tips will help you to stay away from crime, and also  help Nana Akufo Addo in his administration as he ends Crime in Ghana.

1. Never you try to be a good Samaritan by trying to give an unknown person, a lift at night (no matter the circumstances), it might be a set trap. So don’t risk it.


2. Unfortunately you were robbed, and eventually one of your properties were forcefully take away from you, endeavor to report the matter to the Police within few minutes. Because if by mistake the robbers were caught, and your belongings were found with them, without you making a statement at the Police station, there is chances that you will be tagged among them, and you will face prosecution as an Accomplice to the Hoodlums.

3. Never you purchase used phones, laptops or accessories, unless you intend to purchase from a close friend or family member. But make sure to find out that he is the legal owner of the Accessory, as this could be a product of theft, armed robbery or gotten after a Kidnap operation. If by chances it is illegally occupied, you will be dealing with a huge case of kidnapping or Armed Robbery. Try not to purchase cars from vendors, until you ascertain the registration details at the National Vehicles Registration Database, to further check the genuine owner of the car. Or you verify that the customs Papers are genuine. Because there are chances that it could be a stolen car, robbed car or a result of kidnapping operation.


4. Endeavor to delete any form of Credit Alerts on your Phone. Do not leave them there, there are chances it can make you a target of kidnapping in some disheartening conditions, or a way for fraudsters to empty you accounts without your notice.

5. Please never you make known your location on internet since it can pave way for an attack from assailants, thereby making you a target.

6. Never disclose to anyone, irrespective of how close your are with the person, your phone or SIM to make calls in your absence, or pave way for them to insert their SIM into your phone for any reason, in other for them to make calls, rather offer them your phone battery instead, or rather give them money to buy airtime. If by mistake the person is wanted by the Security agencies, you could serve as an Avenue to get to the person.

7. Don’t disclose any personal information to an unknown caller, on the ground that you are being invited for an Interview, or contract. These could be fraudsters in disguise.

8. Run away and don’t stay in the midst of a mob. If unfortunately someone dies at the displayed action of the mob, and you’re caught, you will be tagged as a murder suspect.

9. Be clever enough always to use your side  mirror while driving, to check if you’re being trailed (followed) by an unknown car. If you notice any suspicious movement, drive fast to a nearby police station.

10. When you’re being stopped by the Policemen, be calm, be respectful and polite to communicate with them in plain English, it helps a lot. If it happens that you approach the Police at Night, endeavor to on your inner lights, this will indicate that you have nothing to hide.

11. Under no circumstances should you allow anyone to make use of your Email account, Bank account, for a third party Transaction. And do not make any money transfer for People indiscriminately, you never can tell you can serve as a lead target, to the Police to apprehend the person.

12. Avoid making use of ATM at lonely places, especially at night. You never can tell if you’re monitored, as these could lead to robbery or Kidnapping.

13. Avoid making use of an ATM, that is displaying Error on the screen of the machine. There are chances that it has been programmed by Fraudsters, or Yahoo Boys.

14. Please in the process of testifying at Churches, do not disclose that you made some amount of money, or very high acquired assets. You may have mistakenly acquired a kidnapped value. As we know, the church is made up of many type of Behavior from people. You never can tell who is an evil in disguise.

15. Don’t keep the details of your financial activities, where your domestic staffs or Domestic security can get hold of it. Be careful about what you do or say in their presence, you can’t tell who is a spy.

16. If you have security personnel or bodyguards, be careful of what you say or do when you are with them.

17. Be careful in what you relate timeout Colleagues, that’s if you’re a staff in a Government Establishment or Multinational. Government may have spies in all sort of Government Body, and some other Companies in Ghana.

18. Be vigilant on what you discuss over the phone, what you type on your phone (Phone SMS), what you post on social media platforms, mind you every activity is monitored.

19. While sleeping at night, always switch on your outside lights, and then switch off the inner light, It complicates things for assailants and robbers.

20. Be selective on what you discuss with people on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger. They could be used as evidence against you, in the court of Law. In case you need to make some classified inquiry, do it by WhatsApp calls, it is never recorded because it is Encrypted, in otherwords, end to end calls.

21. Carefully go through any documents before you sign. it is your right to know what you’re about to sign. At the Police station, do not allow the Police, to pressurize you to make a statement. Rather insist on talking to your Lawyer first. By Law, they must oblige you. Please don’t make any statement because you were forced, it might lead you to prison.

22. Please purchase Security dogs like Rottweilers, Alsatian or any other one of your choice. Not some local home trained dogs. They can serve as a means of security, and alert you of an unusual movement at night.

23. Before you sleep off at night always have Airtime in your phone, no matter how little. Just in case of any emergency.

24. Don’t give anyone your ATM card at any Atm machine, all in the name of helping you make Cash withdrawal. You never can tell who is a Fraudster in disguise.

Just as a saying goes like this “To be forewarned is to be forearmed”. Study this tips, it will help President Nana Akufo, in making Ghana Great Again (GGA).

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Source; opera news

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