2020; Why teachers in Ghana should vote for Akuffo Addo



Teachers are arguably the most important professionals in Ghana.

Successive governments based on the foregoing have considered it prudent holding teachers in high regard and treat them with some level of respect.

People within the teaching profession on the other hand have in most cases been very effective in impacting the outcome of elections since independence.

Kwame Nkrumah’s quest for independence would have been futile without the extraordinary roles played by teachers and their students.

President Kufuor, Late President mills and president John Dramanai mahama have all experienced the impact of teachers on political decisions first hand.


Having this in mind, I have listed below reasons why every teacher must vote for president Akuffo Addo in the upcoming elections.

Firstly, President Akuffo Addo revived the vehicle maintenance allowance that is paid to teacher for the maintenance of their vehicles. This helps teachers to be able transport themselves to and fro their various places of work smoothly.

On another note, the president restored the teacher trainee allowances that was canceled by his predecessor and main opponent; Jonh Dramani Mahama. The president also implemented the free senior high school programme which have undeniably led to an significant increase in enrollment and is expected to trigger a consequent increase in the intake of teachers by the Ghana Education Service.

Since becoming the president of Ghana, William Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo has made sure of that initiatives like the school feeding programme are kept running without a break. He also arguably resolved the “dumsor” crises that hit the country during the tenure of his predecessor hence making it possible for both students and teachers to enjoy uninterrupted power supply on their various campuses

Akuffo Addo has showed his determination to continue projects that were initiated by his predecessors both within and outside the education sector. The president’s commitment to the idea of educating the next generation at at all cost must be considered as move worth rewarding. Despite the fact that the former president John Dramani Mahama who is also president Akuffo Addo’s main opponent deserves credit for the ‘E-blocks’ project, The current president has clearly contributed more to the education sector and as such, deserves the votes of teachers.

Source; opera news

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