2020: Many people in Ashanti may not vote at all. Here are the reasons



2020 Election is just around the corner. Major political parties especially the New Patriotic and the National Democratic Congress are soliciting for votes.

Ashanti Region is known as the stronghold of the New Patriotic Party.

The ruling party is especting a major voters turnout in the region.

The increase of voter turnout in the Ashanti region will definitely favour the ruling party, NPP.

On the converse a decrease in the voter turnout will negativily affect the New Patriotic Party.


Voter apathy normally occur in the strongholds of the ruling party when the government policies and programs negativily affect those people.

Many residents in the Ashanti may not come out on December 7 to cast their votes due to the follow Reasons.

One key reason is people in Ghana especially those in the Ashanti region have lost their monies through the collapse of banks and other financial institutions.

The lost of money through the collapse of some banks and financial institutions can cause many people in the Ashanti region not to vote in the 2020 election.

Affected people in Ashanti region have allegedly pledge to either vote against the ruling party or not to vote at all.

Another reason many people in the Ashanti region may not vote in the December 7 is that people have lost their jobs through the collapse of banks and the financial institutions.

Employment is a major problem facing ghanaitans society.

Many people have lost their jobs through the collapse of these banks.

These people in the Ashanti region may not vote because they are heavily affected.

Third reason is the issue of illegal mining which has affected many livelihoods in the Ashanti region.

The illegal mining popularly known as galamsey is something that has caused more hardships to the people in the Ashanti region.

Even though, galamsey is illegal and must be dealt with by every government. The issue here is the way and manner the government has gone about the handling the galamsey.

There is also an alleged information circulating in the Ashanti region that only members in the ruling party are being allowed to mined in the region.

People have been affected through the legal mining issue. These people may not vote at all in the coming election.

The last reason is the ban of importation of savage or used cars older than ten years.

Ashanti region has people who deal with importation of cars which are normally savage and are older than ten years.

These people have been badly affected by the ban.

This in effect can lead to voter apathy in the Ashanti region.

Source; opeta news

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