2020 elections: NPP die-hard supporters vow to protect ballot boxes in Ashanti region

A group of die-hard NPP youth in Ashanti region has vowed to protect all ballot boxes and votes of the party at the various polling stations during the upcoming December 7th 2020 general elections.

They said at a press briefing that they are not afraid to put their lives on the line to secure the victory of NPP and make Ghana a better place for generations yet unborn.

The foregoing they disclosed forms part of their “AGENDA 90% VOTES TURNOUT” election strategy;  aimed at increasing NPP’s victory gap more than a difference of 1 million votes.

“We want all V-20 members not to sit down and think that we are done until we have fully secured power to the NPP.  We advise that all identifiable groups across Ashanti region should adopt a polling station, protect and call people out to vote at their adopted polling stations”,  Prince Kofi Owusu- Spokesperson for Coalition of Voluntary and All Identifiable Groups (V-20) Ashanti region said in his statement.

“We should not that the victory of the NPP in this 2020 election is mainly depends on Ashanti region and the Voluntary groups, hence our decision to move from  house-to-house , room-to-room to make sure that the best turnout in the election.

We are warning anyone who in any way has been induced with money by our political opponents to course mayhem in this year’s election to better advise himself  by abrogating any contract that has been given him. If caught in any atrocity, it would be disastrous for him.”, he noted.

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