2020 elections: Nothing good will come from him – Pastor Mensah Otabil fires



General overseer for International Central Gospel Church, Pastor Mensa Otabil has admonished his church members to be vigilant especially as the nation approaches the upcoming general elections.

Speaking to the members of ICGC in a live telecast session, the popular Ghanaian Pastor called on members to be mindful of the times they find themselves in, adding that “it is only by being mindful that we can be realistic, and its only being realistic that we can make better decisions especially concerning our future.”

He went on to explain that the man who ignores this and decides to live in delusion, can never make the right decisions concerning their own lives and that nothing good will ever come from such a man.

Pastor Otabil admonished that everyone should be vigilant and seek God in these times, and that as the nation approaches the elections, ‘the peace we currently enjoy in this country can only be maintained if we all make it a point to keep the peace.”

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