2020 elections: a deep and imminent revelation, Ghana must wake up

A Serious Revelation That Needs Our Unrelented Prayer Input

▪︎From Prophet P. A. Wilson

The Holy Spirit came upon me and I saw whilst praying that an aeroplane which was sent from the dragon Nation was passing through the Black Star nation. I saw that there was this venomous substance that was released into the atmosphere. Then I saw people began to fight each other and all sorts of mischief began in the black star nation. Then again, I saw assassins deployed from other nations and they’ve invaded the black star nation on a specific direction towards the flagstaff house. Also I saw in that same vision that the muslim Community were in dispute against the Christian community and the citizenry were in a bloodbath. Suddenly the angel of the Lord carried my spirit to the dragon Nation and I saw a blue house and inside chamber I saw a golden plated room; the angel of the Lord took me there by holding my backbone so the moment we arrived I saw 230 people seated and as they were discussing and contemplating, an argument broke out and the leader stood up and entered another chamber with 15 people and they began deliberating. Then the angel of the Lord touched my ear to hear clearly what they were asking; And behold I heard them saying, the black star nation has become their nemesis and so they must cause confusion and conflict amongst them so they can be able to penetrate and rule Africa using the black Star nation as a steppingstone. Then one stood amongst them and said if only they can get the black star nation to stop praying and praying to their God they’ll be able to break through them. Then another stood also and said, if they could cause internal misunderstandings amongst the black star citizenry they would be broken and eventually become susceptible. During the heat of the discussion, I saw clearly a strange creature with horns around its head and snakes allover it’s body appeared and screamed, “GHANA MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO STAND BECAUSE THE STRENGHT OF AFRICA IS GHANA”, then it disappeared leaving smoke in that chamber where the leaders of the dragon Nation were seated. Then I saw the black star nation in total darkness and the entire land was covered in destruction as everything including buildings were all consumed away. All that was left was dead bodies and tattered and rugged remains.

Then the Lord said to me, WAR is coming. Two nations are fighting spiritually and they’ve fought for centuries in the Spirit but they are unable to fight physically because Ghana and her twin nation, Nigeria have stood against it. Then the Lord said until we come to the place of unity and purity we wouldn’t be able to prevail. Then I was shown two pastors who are well known and as I stood watching, one senior pastor all in the black star nation began to shave off the other pastor’s hair and vice versa. And the voice of the Lord came unto me and said YOU CANNOT FIGHT WHAT IS COMING UNTIL YOU ALL DRESS AND SPEAK THE SAME LANGUAGE OF UNITY AND PURITY.

*Please You can’t afford to ignore Messages like these… Pray for Ghana and That the Kingdom of God will Prevail in Favour of This Nation*

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