2020 election: Dos and don’ts of all journalists in Ghana (certified by EC)



  • Play your role with strict impartiality, independence and objectivity
  • Your reportage must be factual and verifiable
  • Should display his/her accreditation card prominently.
  • Accreditation confers official recognition and gives one access to the polling stations and Collation Centers.
  • Respect the laws/regulations governing the elections
  • Draw the attention of the Presiding Officer (election officers) to any irregularity observed
  • Should exercise utmost sense of caution in their choice of words in describing the elections  (e.g. Describing an irregularity of fraud or rigging the election)


  • Do not pre-judge the outcome of the election (do not let your personal opinions, likes and dislikes to influence your judgment )
  • Do not attempt to take part in the actual administration of the election
  • Do not display or wear any symbol or colors of any political party or candidate
  • Avoid any form of confrontation with election officials, voters etc. at the polling station
  • Undertake their duties in an unobstructive manner and should not interfere with the electoral process or not give instructions to the election officials.

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