2020 Election brouhaha: NDC should dare and perish at their own peril

15th December, 2020


Events unfolding in the aftermath of election 2020 smacks of anxiety embroiled in speculative mistrust, fueled by a group of desperate political actors whose inordinate desire to rule this nation once again cannot be overemphasised.

Elderly people who have had the opportunity to be in government in times past are running away from their responsibilities to grand-father the younger generation.

While some old cowards are chanting revolutionary songs from their hideouts on WhatsApp platforms, others, in a clear display of youthful exuberance are shouting choboi, choboi, chooooboi, just to pave way for the next song by the DJ; how funny!

While mobile phones are being stolen from within the National Executive circles of the opposition NDC during a fruitless press conference in the Capital, a group of ‘unintelligent’ lawyers are parading as film makers to intimidate Returning Officers of the Electoral Commission, somewhere in the Bono Region.

The burning of lorry tyres with accompanying street protests, further underscores a failed orchestrated plan to milk our dear nation, one more time.

Nemesis has caught up with the leadership of the NDC and going to court for the so called justice which they seek to find in their disjointed efforts on the streets is no longer an option.

In a democratic dispensation, the resultant effects of such apparent domineering posture has been casualties and underdevelopment.

Let me cease this opportunity to admonish my colleague youth in the NDC, that, Ghana is not running away and we must brace ourselves in readiness to occupy the leadership of our dear nation in the not too distant future.

The hue and cry of the aftermath of election 2020 must be handled with the lessons drawn from the historical antecedent of 2013 election petition.

Before you heed the call of your party leaders to step out in protest of election results, always remember, that, you belong to the disadvantaged minority which is competently claiming monopoly over violence and empty threats while there is an overwhelming majority with state authority. If you step out and perish at your own peril, don’t blame the SECURITY of the State, for they are paid to protect the Peace and Quietude of Mother Ghana.

Aso pa, nky3 as3m te!

George Opoku Amponsah
(Convener, Concerned Youth in Politics)

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