20 reasons why Ghanaians must vote massively for Hassan Ayariga.




If voted into power in 2020 I shall restructure our economy and build the nation to that level that Ghanaians will be sure that their future is secured. I shall introduce the following policies:

1. A corrupt free economy
2. A decentralized State
3. Free port ( duty free for cars)
4. Free primary education to University
5. Digitalized economy
6. Production and manufacturing hub economy
7. Unique identity ( different passports)
8. Support local banks and business to strive
9. Unemployment benefits for all
10. Rail and train transportation system throughout GHANA.
11. Graduate project financing policy
12. Improve health care delivery
13. Ultra modern hospital nationwide
14. Free dialysis, free diabetic education and free delivery policy for our mothers
15. Price guarantee system
16. Loan facilities for bus drivers, taxi drivers and trotro drivers
17. Concrete roads and underground system
18. Food security and industrial economy.
19. Establish Job Centre nationwide
20. High rise housing projects

*Dr. Hassan Ayariga*
APC Flagbearer 2020

Source; www.leakynews.net


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