2 Things You Should Never Do When a Ghanaian Police Man Stops Your Vehicle

Majority of drivers in Ghana both commercial and private have ended up in the arms of the law due to how they badly conducted themselves when stopped by police officials.

Provided below are two key things that you should never do as a driver whenever you are stopped by the police;

1. Whenever a Police officer Stops vehicles, the worst thing or line of action some drivers take is speeding away without actually knowing why they were stopped.

Refusal to stop when the police officer asks you to stop can force him or her to pull the trigger and the officer will not be charged for murder because it will be assumed you were a criminal.

So no matter what, please try as much as you can by stopping and hear out the officer because life is more important than whatever amount you think he will collect from you.

2. Please Never Argue or Try to Engage in Physical Combat with a Police Officer:

This is also another reason why some police officers shoot accidentally at unarmed people.

No matter the level of provocation, never try or make any attempt to fight an armed policeman or woman because it can lead to an accidental discharge which might either hit you or hit other innocent people around.

I know the police can be a pain in the ass sometimes, but it is just their job and you must abide by the rules.

As the owner of a vehicle, the best thing you need to do is, ensure your papers are up-to-date and another thing is that do not banter with the police officers and you will be fine.

Police Officers do not shoot or even mistakenly shoot totally innocent people and lastly always say a word of prayer before embarking on any journey.

That is all for now folks. Thank you very much for reading.

Source; Opera News

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