2 countries Queen Elizabeth II can never visit and why

In my previous article, I informed my wonderful readers some of the unbelievable feats of Her Majesty.po

The Queen does not possess a passport because all passports are issued in her name so technically she does not need one especially since she’s the Queen not the president.

She loves traveling and visits some countries more than others.

For instance she has been to Canada about twenty six times but she has been to China only once.

She has also been to Nigeria twice. According to her granddaughter Princess Eugenie, her granny is most happy in her estate in Scotland.

Although she has been to 116 countries, there are still some countries she is yet to visit. However, there are two countries she can’t visit.

One is because she refuses to while the other is due to security reasons.

These countries are Greece and Israel.

She can’t visit Israel due to the serious never ending tension in that region.

However, the second in line to the throne Prince William has been there. The fact that the Queen can’t go there doesn’t mean other members of the royal family cannot. She can’t because she is the Crowned Queen and her security is of utmost priority.

The reasons why she won’t go to Greece is speculated to be due to the history of the place as well as the memories it holds. I’ll explain below.

Some historians are of the view that the reasons has to do with the Duke of Edinburgh’s connection to the country. Prince Philip was born in Greece. His father was Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark.

In 1913, Prince Andrew’s (Prince Philip’s grandfather) was assassinated and Constantine, Prince Andrew’s elder brother became King.

During the World War I, the people were dissatisfied at the King’s neutrality policy and he abdicated. Members of the Royal family including Prince Andrew were exiled.

Few years later, they returned and Prince Andrew became a Major General during the Greco-turkish war but the war went badly for Greece and Prince Andrew was blamed in part for it and exiled a second time in 1922 and stripped of his Greek nationality.

His only son Prince Philip served in the British Navy during World War II while all four of his daughters were married to Germans, three of whom had Nazi connections. His marriage to Princess Alice of Battenburg ended after her health crisis and recovery. Lonely, Prince Andrew died in Monte Carlo in 1944.

Before his death, he wrote a book defending himself and stating his side of the story.

Do you think it is enough reason for her not to visit Greece?

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