2 college students plummet four floors while taking selfie at rooftop party



Two students of a college have been admitted at the hospital after plummeting four stories while they were allegedly trying to take a selfie at a rooftop party.

According to ABC News’ Philadelphia station WPVI, the incident occurred at approximately 2 a.m. on Saturday morning when police say some Temple University students were partying and drinking on a rooftop in North Philadelphia when two women, who were reportedly trying to take a selfie together, somehow ended up falling off of the roof and landed in an alleyway four floors below.

One of the students per the report suffered leg and ankle injuries whiles the other is in critical but stable condition with injuries to multiple parts of her body.

“I was actually delivering pizza back to my friends and I saw ambulances everywhere and police cars everywhere,” said neighbor Neel Patel in an interview with WPVI.

“I feel bad for my friend who was there and did see it and had a really rough night trying to deal with that emotionally,” said Temple University student Allison Byrne.


Per the report of  WPVI, the building’s management company  announced  that the building has a rooftop deck with a parapet wall and railings, but at least one student who has been up there before says it just isn’t safe.

Source; ABC news

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