14 Signs That Show You’re Not Satisfying Her Well In Bed

Welcome home my dear reader. Today’s article is quite interesting because it focuses on educating men on some of the signs that suggests that they are satisfying their wives or partners sexually.

Majority of men have shipwrecked their relationships due to their inability to actualise the sexual pleasure of their partners to the fullest perhaps due to sexual weakness.

Others too though have a long duration during intercourse, they are not privy to some of the signs that suggests that they are satisfying their partners.

If you fall within the foregoing then this article is for you.

Provided below are some of the signs;

1. They do not make any noise during intercourse at all.

You won’t hear her moaning or whimpering or cursing.

2. You always see her glancing at the clock or at their phone during intercourse.

If they are counting down the seconds until sex is over, then they clearly are not enjoying themselves.

3. She never initiates sex. She only sleeps with you after you encourage them to sleep with you.

4. You catch them faking their orgasm.

If the sex was good, there would be no reason for them to pretend to orgasm.

5. You force her partner to do all the work instead of putting in your fair share. In fact If they are always the one on top, they are going to start to get irritated.

6. You refuse to branch out. You always have sex in the same positions at the same time in the same place. There is zero variety. Please watch out.

7. She never talk to you after sex is over.

They do not compliment you on how amazing sex was, because it was not great at all.

8. Interestingly she ends up finishing herself off.

If her hands are better at making them orgasm than your genitals are, then there is a serious problem. Find a solution quickly.

9. Sex is always over in under five minutes.

It is hard to satisfy a lady when you only have a few seconds to perform.

10. You are selfish. If the only orgasm you care about is your own orgasm, then your partner perhaps is not all that happy with you.

11. You are super self-conscious.

Please bear in mind that everyone has problems with the way that they look, but you should not keep half of your clothes on and the lights off. Otherwise, your partner will not get to experience your body in the way that they want to.

12. She acts distant as soon as sexual intercourse ends.

If this occurs, then they might be annoyed that you climaxed while they were left out in the cold.

13. She persistently gives you instructions. They do not trust your judgement, which is why they have to tell you exactly how to move your tongue and how much pressure to apply.

14. In fact you have no clue what they like.

If you cannot figure out what makes them tick, how the hell are you going to make them cum? Be smart Mr. Man.

Thank you very much for your time.

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