12 Signs that Show You Will Die Very Soon



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Please don’t get me wrong on this. There is an early sign for every event that happens on this planet. Before rain falls, there is an early sign; gathering if clouds, blowing of wind, sometimes lightning etc.

So is the death of man.

Are you still wondering signs that indicate that a person will soon die?

They are provided below.


1.The 1st major sign that someone is about to leave this planet, is the drastic deterioration of the energy levels in the body.

With all the thorough search being conducted, scientists were able to discover that when a body is about to give in, vital organs including the heart and the respiratory system get weaker and it makes it difficult for oxygen transportation and exchange of waste material to happen in the body.

The body cannot cope with this anymore, and this is the reason why it is one of the major signs, signaling that death is near.

Oxygen is important for our body, if it is not delivered sufficiently where it is needed, there will be cell apoptosis and the body will become very weak.

The person or patient will end up having an abnormal breathing pattern.

2.Some people or patients lose interest in drinking and eating.

This should be a clear signal that there is something wrong with your body metabolism.

By default, the body is created to get food and make energy.

If this doesn’t happen, the body cannot function properly.

Lack of appetite is bad and it should never be underestimated.

3.We all aware that sleep is very important.

People have to sleep to get their bodies rejuvenated and ready to work again.

You cannot be productive if you do not sleep enough.

However, the problem begins when someone sleeps for a longer time than usual.

4.It is often that we talk about people who have died, because of the memories they left for us. But when you begin talking about them and probably seeing them in your dreams, it should be a concern.

5.We live with different class of people, some are more into religion and some are atheists.

It has been discovered that when it is time to die, it is often that people want to repent their sins, so that they make it to heaven.

They chose to speak to their religious leaders such as pastors, prophets etc., to help them with this new journey they are seeing themselves heading to.

6.We breathe to keep our body working. However in these people, they experience breathing irregularities, sometimes they experience apnea, whereby their breathing might stop for a few seconds before it gets back to normal. These are health issues that are dire to be addressed uniformly.

7.There is nothing as nice as going to sleep. People kindly enjoy sleep, but the problem arises in the morning when an alarm goes off and you have to wake up and face reality.

Those who have difficulty waking up normally in the morning should be a signal that death is near.

8. Heading towards the final stages of death, the person becomes unresponsive and can barely speak. Even when the person speaks, the things he or she says are barely audible. This can be caused by diseases or old age mostly.

9. Hallucination is bad, this happens when people begin seeing things that do not exist.

There are audible hallucinations, whereby people hear sounds that do not exist.

Some hallucinations are very visible and people see what others cannot see.

10.The person’s hands and feet or the entire body starts to become very cold.

The person barely feels anything anymore. This means the life is gradually draining out of the person.

11.Then the body starts to gradually change color and the person’s blood pressure would also begin to drop extremely fast.

12. Finally found, the person loses all five senses – the sense of taste and smell, sense of touch, sense of hearing, and sense of seeing.

Thank you very much. I trust I didn’t waste your credit.

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