12 Signs That Show She Just Slept With Another Man

Welcome home my dear friend.

Undoubtedly trusted is key in every relationship however the in actions of many partners has killed the element of trust these days.

A lady may claim she loves you but will still be having an affair with a different person without your knowledge.

Trust nobody my good friend not even your wife.

Provided below are some signs that show you lady just slept with another man before coming home.

1. She will avoid you:

If she is just coming from one of her cheating expeditions, there is a huge chance coming close to you will seem a little difficult for her.

If you are the type that hugs or kisses your girlfriend whenever she arrives from work or any outing, you have an advantage here.

Just Notice her reaction; she will not be too psyched about being affectionate.

2. She is quieter:
Amateur cheaters may feel guilty immediately after their affair outside the relationship. If your girlfriend is not naturally an introvert that keeps to herself half the time, then being quiet is a good sign she was up to something earlier. On such days, notice you may have tried to reach her on her cell phone without success.

3. She may even avoid sex:

All things being equal, sex makes people a little tired and satisfied.

So the chances are, another sexual encounter will not be on her to-do list if she is been with another man.

Make a move once she comes in; her reaction will tell you a lot.

You will notice a huge “I’m not interested” vibe that is not usually there.

4. Nervousness:

Apart from avoiding you, nervousness is one sign cheaters cannot hide, mostly when they have just done the deed with someone else.

The guilt makes them all jittery, which will make little things spook them.

Ask them in a loving, “how come you arrived later than usual?”

To your suprise you will notice how nervous she will get to answer your question.

5. She cannot look you in the eyes:

she cannot look you in the eyes
If infidelity is a new path for your girlfriend, chances are, she will not find looking into your eyes easy.

Research shows that people find it difficult to maintain eye contact with their accusers when they have done something wrong.

Just give her a suspicious look; if something is fishy, it will spook her instead of exciting her.

6. She is not just her usual self:

People use unusual behaviors as a defense mechanism to throw people off their real motives or intentions.

If you discover overzealousness that is not her usual character, it could be a sign of throwing a smoke bomb to prevent you from suspecting her.

7. She comes in with a funny smell:

There is a way people smell after sex, maybe you do not notice it after you have made love to each other, but it is a hard smell to miss. Things like this cannot easily be explained or denied, she would have to come up with something really creative if she denies getting some action outside the relationship.

8. Her clothes may look untidy:

The way her clothes look could inform you what kind of things she did before coming home.

You are a guy; I am highly sure this tip should not be hard for you to adopt.

If she is wearing a light-colored cloth like white, yellow, or pink, you will probably spot some signs of stains around the area due to foreplay.

Please do not let things like this slip, use them to your advantage if you feel like there’s a need to end the relationship.

9. Her hairstyle looks very different:

If you are looking for signs your girlfriend just slept with someone else, you might need to pay attention to her hair when she is heading out.

There is a huge chance her hair will either be slightly rough or newly restyled.

10. Hmmmmm. Her lips no longer have lipstick:

You would probably agree kissing is a very common part of sex.

If your girl has just been with someone, you may notice her lipstick is smudged and has found its way off her lips to maybe, her cheeks.

It is a careless move of amateur cheaters since it is not a routine yet.

11. Rough makeup:

Another careless move your girlfriend could make is rushing back home with a completely untidy face after the sex romp.

Please understand that naturally, it could not have been her style, so because it is not yet a routine for her to cheat, forgetting to touch-up is possible.

12. Fresh perfume:

Now, your girl may be a perfume addict, and she will always apply afresh before she leaves anywhere.

Still, it could be a red flag. It is one of the things people do to mask the scent of sex.

Thank you very much for your time. I hope you were well informed.

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