12 Health Benefits of “Efom Wisa”…Number 11 Will Make You Speechless

For your information efom wisa or Efom wisain goes with the English name Grains of paradise or Guinea pepper.

This herb is a tropical plant of genus Aframomum and belongs to the family Zingiberaceae (ginger family).

It is native to West Africa. Efom wisa has a lot of benefits to the human body.

Below are some of the medicinal use

1. As a stimulant.

2. Increase the production of breast milk.

3. Can take cure of Hemorrhage that is often related with childbirth.

4. Heartburn.

5. It is a remedy for stomach disorders and diarrhoea.

6. Used against cardiac diseases, diabetes and inflammation.

7. Prevents constipation.

8. Anti-oxidant.

9. Treatment of ulcer, stomach pains and intestinal worms.

10. Heal wounds.

11. It can be used to season meat, chicken, pork and can be used for baking.

12. They may be chewed to sweeten the breath and to take cure of almost all the ailments mentioned under medicinal use.

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