11 Benefits Of Marrying A Politician

Welcome home my dear friend.

In fact a lot of people have positioned themselves in such a way that, they always condemn politicians as corrupt, greedy and bad leaders.

Reasons for their accusations are exclusive to them.

However, critics shouldn’t forget that no man on this Earth is perfect.

Do you know that politicians carry a lot of relevance when it comes to marriage?

This is true.

Politicians are often hailed for being good husbands.

Habitually, majority of them protect their families with the fierceness of a lioness.

Contrary to popular belief that some of them are polygamist, I am of the personal notion that they make the best husbands.

Provided below are reasons why you should not hesitate to marry a Politician.

1. If the wheels of political fortune turn in favor of your husband and he wins the presidency, Praise God! you will become the first lady.

2. You will perpetually buy your groceries in the supermarket.

As a matter of fact poverty and you will be strange bedfellows.

3. Because of the fact that your politician husband will be busy loitering around the country with the intent of campaigning for votes, you will have sufficient time for leisure.

4. If you quit working to support your husband’s career you will not live in abject poverty.

He will dash you part of his allowances and emoluments.

5. If he unfortunately kicks the bucket, worry not about his many wives or mistresses.

One of his politician friends will fight your battle.

6. Your kids will school in the best schools.

At just six years your kids will be speaking impeccable English that even a fourth-year student in a public university cannot comprehend.

When they grow up, they will go to overseas for university education and be residents there.

In fact you will never lack airtime or ticket fare to be in touch with them.

7. Never in your life will you shop for clothes at Makola, Kejetia, Roman Hill, Adum, Circlr or open air markets or in boutiques that stock fake clothes.

Your shopping will be in Paris, London or Dubai.

8. You can easily be a fashion icon.

Look at our first ladies.

All you have to do is have amazing hairstyles, clothes, and handbags that are out of this world.

Amazingly, the cameras will always be rolling when you are hand in hand with your better half.

9. As a matter of truth, your chances of being divorced will be very slim like chances of your hubby being honest.

This is simply because he cannot thrive in a scandal, he will be on his knees to have you stay.

He will moderate his shit so that you do not serve him with divorce papers.

10. Also because they want to show people that they hold family values highly, you will forever accompany him to political rallies.

We all know how this kills the spirit of side dishes.

11. Interestingly, your past mistakes will be forgiven and forgotten easily.

You will easily earn respect from people courtesy of being married to a politician.

Thank you for your time.

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