10 Secrets Of Dating A Ghanaian Nurse

As a matter of fact and reality, dating a nurse is an aspiration for millions of people globally.

Infact nurses are desired for qualities including their natural warmth, Patience and boundless compassion, as well as their ability to handle stressful situation.

Let me challenge you today.

Date a nurse and you will find yourself dating someone with drive,intelligence and ambition, as well as a clear cut purpose in life.

If you have made up your mind to date a nurse, I tell you, you are in the right place.

Provided below are reasons why you should consider dating a nurse

1.They can help you get over your sickness or hangover

2.You get free medical advice.

3.They are smart if you are into both brains and beauty,your date can deliver

4.They are compassionate and patience, and are often great listeners

5.You will not hear “Eeeewww” when they see blood or disgusting body fluid.

6.They will love your thoughtful gestures. Nurses give to others all day and can often feel unappreciated.

7.You will never need to buy paracetamol, toothbrushes ,hospital supplies or even condom.

8. Truth should be told, they make a great future parents.

9.They understand selfless, one of the key ingredients to healthy relationship.

10.They will not be disgusted by your toilet habits.

Nurses have much to recommend themselves for.

Do not be intimidated by the possible vague scent of Iodine or stressed out demeanor that you see.

So anytime you see a decent lady in scrubs or uniform on the streets,make an effort to strike up a conversation.

Thank you very much for your time.

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