10 reasons why ladies should beg men to kiss them often. Number 6 will shock you



Do you ‘kiss’ often or it’s been a long time since you had your first kiss?

Do you kiss people for fun or there is a different reason attached?

Are you shy when giving a kiss to your aunt, Mother, Father, siblings or even your girlfriend or boyfriend? Or should we go the couple way where couples especially in Africa kiss only when they are getting married?

Kissing is nothing new in the western world compared to Africa where kissing is perceived as something ‘bad and disgusting’.

Gosh, who are you to even kiss in front of thousands of people as the Westerners do! You are a dead man walking in the wonderland already!


But hey, it may be time to pucker up! It turns out that kissing even a family member, girlfriend or boyfriend or your spouse has lot of physical and mental benefits that make getting a smooch on totally worth it!

We are misled by ou belief system and conceptions but I guess you know the type of kiss you should give to everyone around you and I mean you should not cross your limits!

Today, we have made compilation of the unknown benefits of kissing and here’s what science says:

1. It helps boost your immune system

It was found in 2014 that exchanging kisses improves your immune system as it exposes you to new germs that strengthens your immunity. Through the study, it was also discovered that couples who kiss on a regular basis share the same microbiota in their spits and also on their tongues.

2. Kissing burns calories
It was also disclosed that you can burn 2 to 26 calories in every 60 seconds depending on how passionately one kisses. It is not the fastest or the best way to lose weight it is sometimes more pleasant than training.

3. It triggers your ‘happy hormones’
Kissing gingers your brain and as a result releases chemicals that makes you feel better and good by lighting up your brain with the help of some chemicals including Oxytocin, dopamine and others which makes you euphoric and also lowers stress.

4. It also lowers stress

As I said earlier earlier, kissing is the best way to prevent stress. Other affectionate communications and comments like hugging and saying “I love you,” helps in impacting the physiological processes related to stress management.

5. It helps prevent cavities by increasing saliva production
Swapping of saliva also helps in the simulation of your salivary glands, which helps in adding up the production of saliva. Where the saliva also help in the lubrication of your mouth and eventually help make swallowing easy.

It also aids in the prevention of food particles from sticking in your teeth which can help prevent tooth decay and cavities.

6. It is also good for your heart

According to Andrea Demirjian, the author of the book, “Kissing: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About One of Life’s Sweetest Pleasures”, kissing aids in increasing your heart rate in a way that expands your blood vessels.

And the good thing is, the expansion of your blood vessels increases your blood flow and also decreases your blood pressure which means kissing is good for the heart.

7. It helps relieve headaches
Kissing as I said is good for the blood vessels and can also also relieve headaches. Kissing may also help you prevent headaches by lowering stress, which is a known as headache trigger.

8. Improves total cholesterol
Kissing also helps in the improvement in serum cholesterol which in turn prevents the risk of contracting several diseases including strokes and stroke.

9. Reduce allergic response
Kissing has shown to provide relevant relief from hives and other signs of allergic reaction associated with pollen and household dust mites. Stress also worsens allergic reactions, so kissing effect on stress may also reduce allergic response that way.

10. Kissing reduces nervousness
Lastly, kissing helps you to keep calm. The affection that kissing brings decreases anxiety and increases relaxation and wellness of your mind and body.

In all, kissing does not matter who you kiss as it has a great impact on our emotional and physical well being, so kiss and kiss often. It’s good for your health!

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Source; opera news

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