1 Big Mistake Katherine Kuhlman Made Before She Died (a must read)



Church History has it that there was a time Katherine Kuhlman, the great healing evangelist made a mistake in her lifetime – she married a man who had divorced his wife. Everyone began to call her, husband snatcher.

Within a short period of time, invitations to her for ministration crashed all the way down. Nobody wanted to do anything with her anymore. She said that with all the anointing that she carried, everywhere appeared close. In addition, the ‘mistake’ marriage also failed.

One day, she said she was walking on a street in total dejection and realized that the street was close. At the end of that street which she called a dead end, she stood in frustration and depression, and told God, “Lord, I am at the end of myself. I don’t even know what to do with my life. I feel like I am nothing right now, and if you have ever used a “Nothing” to do something before, please take this “Nothing” and use this “Nothing” for your glory”.

And God heard her and picked that “Nothing” which she was and that “Nothing” shook her world – wheelchairs emptied, blind eyes saw, the lame walked, etc. ndepotv all because she presented herself as “Nothing”, and God picked her and turned her into a generational wonder.


Beloved, maybe you think you have nothing, or maybe you think you are nothing, I would like to congratulate you because God is a Specialist in making something out of nothing.

LORD, take me and use me as an instrument in Your Hands, LORD, in Jesus’ Name.

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